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Humphrey, Matthew Principal
Dillard, Perry Assistant Principal
Bladen, Kandice Guidance Counselor

Abercrombie, Susan Business Education
Ballard, Evan Driver's Education/Health
Bass, Whitney Math
Bellamy, Jerome Inclusion
Brown, Blair Spanish
Brown, Valerie Social Studies
Byrd, Mike Social Studies Teacher
Courson, Karen Special Education
Crawford, Mary Helen English
Dawkins, Tyler ISS
Deaton, Kash Math
Dillard, Perry Assistant Principal
Dockery, Leigh Ann Science
Dutton, Nicole Physical Education
Edmonds, James Physical Education
Harrison, Dustin History
Humphrey, Matthew Principal
James, Teretha English
Krausz, Crystal Science
Krietemeyer, Samantha English
Miller, Sherri Lynn Band & Choir Director
Moore, Don Physical Education
Moore, Mallory Math
Paramore, Traci Media Specialist
Powell, Robin Inclusion
Sanders, Ashley English
Saunders, Abby At-Risk Coach
Soles, Emily Agriculture
Soles, Evan Business Education
Street, Patrick Science
Timmerman, Judy Family and Consumer Sciences

Atkinson, Chris Custodian
Carpenter, Don Aide
Castle, Abby Cafeteria
Clark, Amanda Custodian
Dasinger, Karissa Cafeteria
Dawkins, Tyler ISS
English, Becky Secretary
Harper, Jazmin Nurse
Hitchcock, Lisa Cafeteria
Mallory, Joan Cafeteria/Manager
Miller, Jennifer Bookkeeper
Skinner, Amanda Cafeteria
Weed, Diane ACCESS Facilitator