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Subjects Taught


 B.S. in Elementary Education (K-8) and Special Education (K-12) 

from Troy State University,Troy




Two months after graduating from TSU, I married and moved to Tampa, Florida where I taught for one year at Turkey Creek Jr. High.  My husband's job took us to Columbus. Georgia.  There I worked with Vocational Rehabilitation Services as a JTPA counselor placing students on jobs and monitoring their progress. Our final transfer was to Dothan, AL.  For two years, I commuted and taught at Eufaula High School.  I was very pleased to find a home at DCHS.  I am now in my 32 year here and hope to enjoy many more.


 My father was in the army for 30 years so I am what is known as an "army brat".  I was born in New York but until moving to Alabama when I was in high school,  had never lived anywhere longer than 4 years.  I have been married for almost 38 years, have two sons, and a wonderful dog.  For years, I have been the sponsor of the Jr. Civitan Club.  We are an extremely active club that works with special needs children and other charitable organizations.  We love getting new enthusiastic members.