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Traci Paramore Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Media Specialist


Alumnus of Ariton High School, 1986

Bachelor of Science, Language Arts, Troy State University, 1990

Master of Science, Secondary Education, Troy State University, 1994

Master of Science, Library Media, University of West Alabama, 2010


This year marks my twenty-eighth year in education (and at Dale County High School) and my seventh year as the librarian.  I spent the first twenty-one years of my career teaching ninth-grade (and eighth & tenth at times) English in Room 5.  Some of those years were hard, but some were amazing!  I am grateful for having had the opportunity to do exactly what I was created to do, exactly the way I wanted to do it.  Now I am in the library and am enjoying my second wind.  I am so determined to help others find the joy in reading that I find. I strive, too, to maintain the library as a refuge for students needing a little space and quiet time (and even a bit of assistance) to get an essay written, a Works Cited page completed, a research paper supported with reputable resources, a PowerPoint created, and all sorts of other projects finished with a flourish.  The library is supposed to be a student resource.  If you need help, come see me (unless it's a math question).



I grew up in Ariton and had the same set of friends from kindergarten through college.  I went to Troy State and majored in English because it was the furthest thing from my nemesis, math.  I became a teacher upon the advice of my favorite university instructor, and I'll be forever grateful to her.  My husband Michael and I have two children -- a senior in high school and a senior at Auburn -- and two animals who all work together to make sure our house is never too clean.