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Crystal Newsom Staff Photo
Subjects Taught

  • Troy University- Bachelors in Science in Cell & Molecular Biology (2004) 
  • Troy University- Masters in Education in Biology (2009) 


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  • Zion Chapel Schools (2004-2006)
  • Enterprise City Schools (2006-2017)
  • Dale County Schools (2017-Present)


 Did you know...

  • Mrs. Newsom once threw a textbook out the window in the 6th grade because she wanted to walk into the principal's office to get candy?! 
  • Mrs. Newsom has performed with The Temptations and also with the Troy Sound of the South at an Atlanta Falcons game where there were 50,000+ people in attendance?!
  • Mrs. Newsom broke her arm falling over a couch one Christmas Eve all because her dog kept getting onto her wrapping paper?! 
  • Mrs. Newsom got married this past Christmas (2018) to her childhood friend and sweetheart Eric?! 
  • Mrs. Newsom couldn't be more excited to begin 2019 in an amazing fashion at Dale County High School with a stellar group of freshmen?!